Smokers enjoy the benefits of e-cigarettes

The popularity of today’s electronic cigarette is growing nationwide as more and more traditional smokers try the e cigarette as a preferred means of enjoying the sensation of smoking.


“It’s difficult to explain the enjoyment one gets from smoking a cigarette,” explained one smoker commenting online. “But, I must say I’m now getting that same enjoyment from e cigs.”
For instance, the electronic version of the popular tobacco cigarette uses a personal vaporizer that turns a liquid solution into a fine mist that more or less simulates the act of tobacco smoking.

“I tried the e cig because my lungs were just hurting so much from years of smoking tobacco cigarettes. I used e cigs as a short term solution until my health improved and I could go back to my regular brand,” explained a smoker.

However, he explained how he never went back to tobacco smokes after getting this cool e-cigarette kit online.

“I think the electronic version does resemble my old smokes in just about every way. So I went for e-cigs to save my lungs and some money,” the smoker added.

Money saving e-cigarettes

While there are many smoking enjoyment similarities between the lighting up a tobacco cigarette and an e-cigarette, it’s the vast amounts of money that smokers can save by using a personal vaporizer over purchasing packs or cartons of traditional cigarettes.

For instance, one happy customer said he was spending more than $100 per month on the two carton of brand named cigarettes that he usually smoked.

“I got one of these e-cigarette kits online, and now I’m saving money each month instead of spending it on packs of smokes.”

Cigarettes that go anywhere

Fans of electronic smokes like to say “we like e cigs because they’re smokeless and we can take it anywhere.”

For instance, many websites now offer e cigs online for sale with the added perk of being able to “smoke it” in such places as restaurants, bars and night clubs where traditional tobacco smokes are prohibited.

“It’s just fun to be able to enjoy a smoke again while we’re out partying. I now use e-cigs for that very reason. The e-cigs have now gone main stream in many parts of the country.

The electronic smokes are now accepted in most places where old cigs are now outlawed,” added a smoker when explaining why she’s switched to e-cigs.

Moreover, the smoker said she now gives e-cigs to “all my friends who smoke in hopes they will see the light, and make that switch as I did to not only have a smoke that I can enjoy when I’m out and about, but also for health reasons.”

Electronic cigs as gifts

The smoker later explained how some of her recent Christmas gifts — and future birthday gifts for family and friends who are smokers — is now centered on “giving electronic cigs.”

“I can’t think of a better gift for a smoker such as myself,” she added. “First, I think these electronic smokes are much healthier. I also like them because it costs far less over time. I used to pay big bucks just for a pack of my favorite brand. Now, I just use my e-cig kit.”

Overall, most smokers who’ve switched to e cigarettes can they really enjoy these electronic versions of traditional cigarettes that are small vaporizers that simulate the act of old school tobacco smoking.

“One of our friends asked if I missed my old smokes, and just smoking a tobacco cigarette in general,” explained a long-time smoker. “I thought about my new e-cigarette and how much fun it is to smoke, and then said ‘no, I don’t miss conventional smoking.'”

The smoker said she had this new point of view because, at the end of the day, she said “both are very similar in physical design and the amount of nicotine but my e-cig is much healthier and cost saving.”

My Friend Was Telling Me About E Cigarettes


A very good friend of mine was telling me about e cigarettes and e liquid UK last night while we ate lunch. I have known him for nearly 30 years and in that time I have never seen him without a cigarette. So it was a bit of a surprise when he took out one of those new e-cigs and started puffing on it. When he seen the way I was staring at him he burst into laughter.

So he then tells me that both he and his wife had given up smoking a couple of weeks earlier, and both were using each other for backup. He said that neither of them had smoked a proper cigarette since they gave up, and with these hi-tech e-cigs, he said that it was pretty easy.

The reason behind the decision to give up was the fact that their daughter announced that she was pregnant, and it would be their first grandchild. Wanting to make sure that they were involved in the child’s life for as long as possible, they realized that giving up smoking would be a great step.

I am made up for both of them, and it also means I will probably be seeing my mate for years to come.